Leaf Removal

When it comes to having a neat and tidy property, leaf litter can be a huge hassle. In the Greater DC area, where trees are often abundant, fallen leaves can rapidly accumulate in the autumn months—and they’re a frustration to address.

The fact is, you’re busy—and your weekends are precious—so you might be thinking about having someone handle leaf removal services for you. You might even be performing web searching for Who does leaf removal near me? 

Let Us Take the Burden Off of You

At Maple Hill Lawn & Garden, we can handle the labor aspect of cleaning up leaves around your property. But we can go steps further than that and also handle curbside pick-up. Whether you’re someone who enjoys raking and wants to let us just take care of curbside removal, or you want us to handle it all, we can help take those hassles off your plate.

Going even further, we can also add gutter cleaning and help ensure your gutters are cleaned of leaves and other debris. Considering the risks involved in climbing a ladder and working on your roof, a DIY approach to gutter cleaning can be dangerous. But a professional is trained to perform this task safely. Cleaning the leaves and debris out of your gutters is not only important to prevent water damage to your home—but also to reduce pest problems. Dirty gutters are one of the prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If you’ve got a mosquito problem on your property, gutter cleaning can go a long way in reducing their population.

You deserve to be able to enjoy your property on the weekends—not spend time worrying about leaf removal.


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