Weed Control

If your goal is a lush green, carpet-like lawn then there’s no room for pesky weeds creeping in. Unfortunately, we face a variety of different weeds in the DC area some of which can be difficult to control.

This is why professional weed control services are an important part of comprehensive lawn care.

Of course, lawn weed control is not as cut-and-dry as you might think. If you’re out for the best results, then weed control needs to be a targeted approach that is specifically addressing the weeds on your property.

What Sets Weed Control Services Apart?

If you’ve been searching online for weed control services near me, then you might be wondering what can really make one approach different (or better) from another. 

The fact is, not all companies tackle weed control the same way.

As we mentioned, the best approach is one that is targeted (or “customized”) to your property. That all begins with a soil test. Without having a soil test performed and knowing exactly what’s going on beneath the surface of your lawn, there is truly no way to make customized decisions in terms of the products needed. 

That means that without a soil test, any lawn care services you’re having done could be a waste of money.

Partnering with a Pro

At Maple Hill Lawn & Garden, we don’t take a blanket approach to weed control services. Before anything, we perform a soil test to know what struggles your lawn is dealing with. We also identify the specific weeds that your property has. 

Then, we create a targeted plant of attack.

In the end, that means the best-possible results and long-term success. It all adds up to a property that you can be proud of. 


I’m so glad I found a company who I can trust AND does a great job. Thanks for all you do.

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