Aeration / Seeding

The health of your soil is vital to your lawn’s overall success. One common reason why a lawn may struggle is soil compaction. But lawn aeration services help to alleviate that compaction and allow your lawn to breathe again.

What is Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a service in which a piece of machinery called a core aerator is used to pull small cores of soil from the lawn and deposit them on the surface. The combination of these holes made throughout the lawn and the cores, which will naturally decompose and loosen the soil in the process, go a long way in relieving compaction.

This is important as your lawn’s roots need nutrients, oxygen, and water to thrive (and in turn, make your lawn thrive). But these vital elements struggle to make their way to your lawn’s roots when the soil is compacted.

When to Aerate the Lawn?

Lawn aeration is best performed in the fall at the same time that lawn seeding services are performed. Aeration and seeding go hand-in-hand as the seeds will fall into the holes made and receive the ideal seed-to-soil contact they need. Seeding overtop of hard, compacted soil provides less chance for optimal germination.  

Seeding is best performed in the fall because the still-warm soil temperatures, but cooler air provide the best weather conditions for seed germination and growth. 

Partnering with a Pro

Recognizing the wonders that this service can do for your lawn, you might be searching online for lawn aeration near me. At Maple Hill Lawn & Garden, we offer professional lawn aeration and lawn seeding services to help keep our clients’ properties looking their best. 

However, it’s important to note that we also perform soil testing on any property that we are going to provide services for. Soil tests can ultimately save you money as they bring to light what your property needs—and when. That means we’re not just guessing what your lawn might require. We’re basing it off of facts.

For instance, there have been times that soil tests have revealed lawn aeration was not the direction we needed to go—but that other soil imbalances first needed correcting. 

Ultimately, we’re looking to do what’s best for you and your lawn, not just pad our bottom line. You can count on us to recommend the services that you truly need.


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