Bed Care & Mulching

If you have plant beds around your property, then you know that nothing looks better than a fresh layer of mulch. While mulching services certainly aren’t rocket science, there is a bit more involved than people tend to realize. Even pros can make mulching mistakes that impact your results.

How to Lay Mulch?

The biggest mistakes made when it comes to mulching has to do with the quantity. With mulch, a little bit can go a long way—and a lot can actually be detrimental. Excessive layers of mulch can leave soil waterlogged and ultimately harm the plants that are installed there. 

If mulch is properly installed with an appropriate amount, then it will go through the process of natural decomposition, adding nutrients into the soil. However, there are times when we do need to remove old mulch because excessive layers did not allow for natural breakdown to occur. 

Why Mulch?

Most people think of mulching in terms of its looks—and it’s certainly an aesthetic addition. However, when installed properly, mulching can also benefit your plant beds by insulating plant roots against wind and sun and helping your plant beds to retain moisture. Plus, that decomposition process we mentioned above is important in providing your plants with nutrients they need to thrive.

Choosing Professional Mulching

Making sure that your mulching services are performed properly so that you gain all of the benefits means finding a landscape partner that you can trust. Unfortunately, even some pros don’t take mulching seriously and dump more than you need or don’t take the care to spread mulch nice and evenly across your beds. 

But at Maple Hill Lawn & Garden, we understand that proper mulching is an important part of your overall landscape and that you not only want your mulched beds to look great but to perform great, too. Mulching may be a simple enough service but still an important one. You can count on us to take the time and care to get the job done right so that you reap the rewards.


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